Formed in the mid 90’s and hailing from Calgary, Alberta (Canada), releveleR is the one-man project of Krhys Wiebe. While citing bands such as Skinny Puppy, Lassigue Bendthaus, Recoil, and Gary Numan as major influences, alongside a vested interest in 80’s synthpop & new wave to 90’s electro & industrial, releveleR manages to craft a sound that not only defies easy comparison, but also remains distinctly his own and not limited to any one musical scene or genre.

After appearing on a string of several industrial related compilations as well as lending production & remix aid to a variety of fellow Calgary based electronic bands throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s, releveleR ultimately signed with the Interdimensional Industries label. The first official output of this collaboration was the “Untouched” single in 2004, released as limited edition 12″ translucent red vinyl featuring the title track in its original form as well as three remixes. Shortly thereafter, remixes for bands such as Flesh Field, Call Me Alice, Phase Theory and others were undertaken, subsequently establishing releveleR as a strong up & coming new talent to keep an eye on.

With the impending release of releveleR’s anticipated debut full length on the horizon, the “Untouched” single was released again in 2007, this time as a full fledged remix EP featuring enhanced production, multiple versions of the title track and exclusive b-sides all meant to act as a teaser prelude to the upcoming “Incipient” album.

After a series of unexpected delays that seemingly come with every band’s first album effort, “Incipient” finally became a reality and was officially released in the summer of 2008. Along with boasting the likes of Pete Jones from P.I.L. fame lending backing vocals, guitar & production work, the album itself features 12 tracks of dark electronic ambiance, thick synthetic overtures, and a brooding cover version of Gary Numan’s “Dominion Day” that has already quickly turned into a fan favorite.

In October 2008, releveleR released the remix EP of “Your Flavor” – the second lead single taken from “Incipient” featuring remix work from Pete Jones, Phase Theory, Karl Mohr and a hypnotic cover version of Depeche Mode’s “To Have And To Hold”.

Fast forward to February 2011, releveleR returns with an all new themed EP entitled “Silhouettes” that consists entirely of cover songs from such prolific bands as The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Ultravox, Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. An absolute must-have for everyone familiar with these artists’ classic tracks ready to hear them like they’re new again with a distinct releveleR sound & approach.

Bringing us to April 2012, releveleR drops the new “Formant EP” – a minimalistic exploration of instrumental sound design influenced by the score environments set within films & video games, and a concentrated antithesis to the standard club fodder of today’s modern electronic music scene. Where many music acts are more worried about coming up with the next big ‘club hit’, releveleR intentionally went the opposite direction to create a moody soundscape akin to a Reznor & Ross flavored musical score clearly aimed at the more elite audiophiles out there with music palettes that go above & beyond a traditional dance beat.