Silhouettes 1.5 Out Now

November 01, 2013

As a little last minute surprise for 2013, releveleR emerges with a brand new sequel of sorts.  “Silhouettes 1.5”, naturally, is a follow-up to 2011′s “Silhouettes” cover themed EP, this time consisting entirely of songs originally by INXS, Pink Floyd, Gary Numan, ABBA, The Payolas and Duran Duran. And as expected, each song is covered in releveleR’s renowned trademark approach.

Another must-have for all fans familiar with these classic tracks wanting to hear them in a new light. EP includes 6 original cover versions and a bonus continuous mix of the entire EP.


Click the above image to get taken directly to the official releveleR online store as well as to listen to all tracks in streaming format.